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Arabic has become mandatory in Dubai

| PeopleAreSmart.com | May 18, 2016

You must have heard it on the radio or in the news that the Arabic language has become mandatory in Dubai for companies with customer facing activities such as front desk and reception employees.

Arabic is also mandatory for issuing invoices and receipts.

Search our site for Arabic language search results on peoplearesmart.com and find a tutor today.

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Cleaning Up

| PeopleAreSmart.com | February 20, 2016


Update of Feb 20, 2016 for Dubai Tutoring Links ad posters:

In case you have noticed your ad(s) have disappeared, know that it is due to your abuse of the platform for no benefit for the audience of parents and students. Posting the same ad more than once is not permitted.

Now that we have moved to a paying model, the quality of the ads will enhance as we continue to serve our readers, and private tutoring seekers.

Use the contact form to get in touch if you cannot afford the $5 premium for ad posting. Give a good reason, a good description and a real picture and your ad will be submitted for free.

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What is Dubai Tutoring Links?

| PeopleAreSmart.com | February 19, 2016

Dubai Tutoring Links came from the need to find a suitable private teacher for our children. So we home-made this website to create a place where private teachers, tutors and activity professionals can reach out to the general public for a very small fee of $5 per ad for 30 days (we operated for free for 5 years before switching to “paying model”).

For Teachers

Teachers and tutors who are not able to pay online or cannot afford the $5 fee are encouraged to contact us – click here – and we will post your ad for free provided it has value to the audience of students and parents whom we serve.

Why is Dubai Tutoring Links not free anymore?

After going live in 2011 and operating for free since, we thought it’s a good idea to introduce a small charge to guarantee the quality of the ads. Unfortunately, like anything, free is not appreciated despite the value it carries and many people were abusing the platform for commercial purposes. The other reason

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